Monday, June 6, 2011

My first official Audition! Hopefully not my last!

I had a cake testing for 2 mother of the bride's. The day was a complete disaster. I can't even begin to tell you how many things went wrong, but the highlights were 1- when my mixer stopped working half way through making the chocolate ganache, losing an hour's time and ruining the texture and stiffness of the filling 2- realizing I didn't have the address to the appointment as I was going out the door- only to realize my phone didn't have any reception. I just started driving and then pulled over and called again. I was 15 minutes late to the appointment. and best of all #3 driving and watching cake #2-- not pictured-- slide in half, dividing at the filling in the middle and most of the filling ending up on the floor of my van.

When I arrived- late- I had this Daisy cake-- made in record time- and not to the best of my ability and what I might call the Wrecktastic Strawberry Cake.

Then when I cut in the chocolate cake my heart sank because I could see it didn't settle correctly. And when I cut the strawberry mess, most of the filling was gone, so the proportions were completely off.

I was so completely embarrassed, I just wanted to hang up my apron and go home and cry.
I am a bit of a go- getter. I like to be great. I don't like to fail. This was a very hard day for me.

Both potential clients were more than gracious. So kind. So forgiving.
I will be making a wedding cake for one in less than 2 weeks. The colors of the fondant cake were test colors. The yellow will be darker and more golden. The turquoise will be deeper and richer. And it will not be daisies. I am really excited about this cake. And I am going to give it 200% and make it the best cake I have ever done. No pressure right?

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