Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cupcake Cake Pops

I was asked to bring in a treat for my daughter's last day of school party. This was just the excuse I was looking for so I could try cake pops. They are essentially cake balls, but slightly smaller got it....on a stick.

Thank goodness this first attempt is for 8 year olds, because I wouldn't be happy giving these to anyone who paid for them. There are some people who just naturally gets things right the first time, but I am not one of those people. It might have helped had I actually found a recipe or watched some youtube videos, but you know me, just in and then test the temperature of the water.
So I rolled the balls and started to dip. Bad idea. Next time roll your balls and FREEZE them before attempting to dip. They were so soft that trying to keep my cupcake shape was an absolute joke. And then little bits of cake got into my dip and that made me very unhappy.

I also used just the right amount of dip. Next time I will add a little extra so I have a deeper amount to roll in. Sometimes you have to have excess. You just do.

Also-- I dipped the white first and then tried to put the sticks in. Duh. The chocolate melted dip hardens and then guess what... you can't put the sticks in! So I had to make my cupcakes UPSIDE DOWN! Lesson learned again. They still look cute, but now when people eat them, the ugly side will be up. Unhappy again.

The good thing is, I have an audience who be will happy just because I added sprinkles.

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