Sunday, November 22, 2015

Heroes and Villains Fanfest San Jose 2015

We attended our very first con!

And of course had to go in full cosplay.

I fear we may have been a little spoiled right from the get go as other people I have talked to have said this was a special event and had a much different feeling from other cons.

There was a whole section for kids with a vecro wall, blow up slides, etc and it was all FREE and included with our general admission. This definitely saved the 7 year old when he needed to take a break.

Even if you didn't pay to see a celebrity we were still able to walk by their booths and see them from about 20 feet away. That was really cool. The kids loved seeing actors from The Flash, Arrow, and Once Upon a Time. I loved hearing their comments like "He's tall!" "She's so tiny." "I thought he would have bigger muscles." etc etc. I didn't see any celebrity act like a celebrity. They were all friendly and kind.

Aislin was treated like a celebrity all day long. Everyone wanted a picture of her. It may have been the best day of her life. We got stopped quite a bit for photos. I especially appreciated the true Whovians who commented on the genius of my wedge converse shoes.

Karen Gillan was, of course, one of the top high lights of the day. Polished and Intelligent. And willing to play along with the weird questions and requests from the crowd and commentators.

John Barrowman was a scene stealer basically the whole day. I am beginning to think Captain Jack was not an acting job for him. They simply wrote him a part where he could act like himself and wear a cool coat.

The kids asked to stay until the very end for the Cosplay Costume Contest.

                                     Cosplay Winners. 12 winners out of about 100 contestants.

I always have such anxiety about these things because I don't want my kids to get hurt. And then I (seriously it's embarrassing) remember Finding Nemo and remind myself not to be an unfunny clown fish and I let my kids take a risk.

Oliver and Eliza went up as pair for the Best Heroes. When Oliver told the crowd who he was in the microphone he used a British Accent.

Aislin was in the Best Villain category.

ALL 3 of my kids WON FIRST PLACE!!!!
I nearly cried. I know it's silly. But it was just a relief that I didn't have to get a big speech prepared on how I was proud of them for trying and better luck next time.
They won tickets to SacAnime in January and some artwork by 2 of the artists at the Fan Fest.
When Oliver went up to accept his prize they asked if he had an American accent or a British one and when he answered everyone laughed and clapped. It was a cute moment.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Co Ed Baby Shower PicNic Summer Cake

This was a fun cake to make. I used runts for the fruit.
My favorite part is the tiny pieces of white fondant I folded to make little napkins.