Monday, January 24, 2011

Wakeboard Cake

Baking the cake, stacking the cake, icing and covering the cake, are becoming much easier and faster for me. (especially on this cake because my stepmom baked it for me) As I get more custom orders though I am learning just how long it takes to make a personalized creation. On this cake for example, I had to dye each color, knead, roll, cut and shape each wakeboard. Then after I made 20 boards I had to design them. After 4 hours I request my stepmom's assistance and she helped me get the last few finished. All in all it took about 6 hours if we include baking time to get this puppy completed. 5 hours of decorating.

This cake was for the 15th birthday of a teenage boy. He loves wakeboarding, football and lacrosse so each one was equally displayed on top. I am really proud of my 100% edible cake.

Well-- almost 100%--- candles were added at the very end to further personalize the cake.

It was fun shaping the football. I am guessing professional bakeries have molds for alot of things, but I had to do it by hand. I am pleased with how it turned out. I am also very happy with the wakeboard in front that looks like airbrush- tie-dye- swirly-- etc etc. When I was researching wakeboards on line many of them were extremely intricate with graffiti like designs. On such a small area I really couldn't do much in the way of graffiti, so this was my interpretation. It looked really good.
Here are a few more of the wakeboards:

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