Monday, October 3, 2011

Blue and Turquoise Daisy Wedding Cake

I am really proud of this cake. It was very time consuming and required me to do alot of things I had never done before. You can't really see the light green detailed dot work I did around the flowers, but in real life it gave it the extra touch that just made it perfect. I didn't get any feedback from the family, so I am going to take no complaints as they liked it. Unless they hated it and are just too nice to tell me. When people get married I am well aware there are other things on their mind than tracking down the cake lady to give a review. I attended the reception and it was just awesome to hear people talking about how good it tasted-- especially since they didn't know I made it--- which made all the compliments honest and real.

CARS Cake with Race Track for the Birthday Boy

Most of this cake is buttercream frosting. The track and finish line are fondant. The crowd is made of sprinkles. And the cars are all real toys I cleaned and stuck on. I love the crazy fan at the top.

50th Anniversary Cake

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed with this cake. I used pale yellow fondant and then purchased gold glitter to paint over the yellow, but when I painted it on, it just looked yellow. I made rolled roses, which was fun. And the chocolate cake inside turned out really well.

Chocolate Cupcake Roses

It just worked out that Eliza has 4 events with various sides of the family in which to celebrate her birthday. So instead of spending 4-10 hours on each one, I went with smaller, simpler desserts. These are dairy free chocolate cupcakes. Chocolate fudge frosting and gumpaste leaves. I was lazy and didn't even dye them green. I left them white and them used green sprinkles.