Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zebra Present Cake - Surprise Baby Shower Cake -- Boy or Girl???

It was an honor to be asked to make this very special cake. It was for a 30th birthday party, but more importantly, to find out the sex of the couple's baby. They had their ultrasound technician place the picture of the baby's sex in a sealed envelope. Then that envelope was brought directly to me. I got to find out the sex before the parents!! When I made the cake, I colored the frosting either pink or blue to reveal the surprise.

I think it was very special for them to do that in front of their friends and family. I have to admit, it's cooler than finding out on a medical bed with your shirt pulled up to your arm pits and goo on your belly in the middle of a stale cold exam room. Not that it's bad-- I did it twice-- I'm just saying-- this is a cool.

I've been dying to try a zebra pattern and the couple gave me free reins to design as I pleased. I went with a gender neutral color to not give anything away.